Sunday, February 17, 2013

Doctor Who WHO???

Since one of my friend
keep updating about this Doctor Who series recently
it makes me curious and more curious about this series very-very much

so, my curiosity lead me to keep searching about it 
and watch that series on YouTube
guess what

it's so interesting and exciting too


Matt Smith is handsome and awesome too...hahahaha =P

 my friend is totally true 
I'm totally addicted into this series very much
 and when looking into this new series
it looks like you're watching in 3D
so, exciting..

but sadly,
the complete series of Doctor Who is never exist
on YouTube =(

so, I'm just watching one and  two episodes only 

By the way,
they speak British accent in this movie
so interesting
because I like to hear British accent but not speaking very well
and I'm not even fluent in English too

Their costume are very cute and classic too
because Doctor Who keeps traveling back into 
a thousand century and decade
to look and save the chaos situation that happen in that decade

I'm truly addicted into this series
 and want to persuade my dad to subscribe BBC world channel on Astro
because this movie currently appears there

just ignore it
because I'm not even at home now

Till the next entry


lily said...

ngeh ngeh ngeh...welcome to the club, akma!!! aku ada season 1 smpai season 7.. mesti jmpa ni...hehehe..

~~faizatul akma~~ said... tuuu....nak tengok..aku dah ter "addicted" lepas tgk ko update selalu kat fb laa..hahahaha..skali tengok nak tengok lagi...tu la..msti jumpa ni...hehehehe~

lily said...

hahaha..kan! cite ni one of a kind. before matt smith ada actors lain yg berlakon.. xpe2, kalo dpt jumpa nnti boleh transfer mentransfer.. hehe

~~faizatul akma~~ said... interesting...hehehe...betul tu..ade tgk gak..yeay..nk transfer..hehehe~