Thursday, March 23, 2017

stressful life..arrgghhh!!!!

What to do if you’re feeling like shit

When you’re feeling shitty, you might have the urge to lash out at someone, even if they had nothing to do with your feelings. Here are some ideas that might stop you from blowing up and help you get to a happier place.
Get informed. Once you figure out what might be causing you to feel shitty, you can do something about it. On the ReachOut site, you’ll find tons of info on different issues, including depression, family and relationships. You’ll also find suggestions on how to manage your feelings and where you can get help.
Talk to someone. Talking to someone you feel comfortable with, like a friend, teacher, parent or counselor, can be a great way of expressing your feelings. These people might also be able to help you identify why you are feeling shitty and work out strategies for dealing with it.
Chill out. Sometimes getting some space away from what is making you feel this way or a change of scenery can be helpful. This might include going for a walk or listening to your favorite music, reading a book, going to the movies, or whatever works for you.
Express your feelings. Writing down your feelings or keeping a journal can be a great way of understanding your current emotions in a particular situation. It can also help you come up with alternative solutions to problems.
Express your feelings in a way that won’t cause bodily damage to yourself or another person.  Try yelling or crying into a pillow, dancing round the room to loud music or punching a pillow.
Post in the forums. You can also share your struggle anonymously in the ReachOut forums here in a non-judgmental space and get support from others who have been where you are and gotten through it.
Get creative. Find things to do to distract yourself from feeling shitty and that get you thinking creatively. This can include drawing a picture, writing a poem, or playing a game. Even though you might not feel like it at first, even a little creativity might be enough to shift your mood.
Take care of yourself. Feeling shitty may be your body telling you it needs to take time out, and pushing yourself physically might just make things worse. Take time out to spoil yourself by doing something that you usually enjoy. Even though you might not feel like it, exercising and eating well can help. Getting plenty of sleep is important, too.
Exercise helps stimulate hormones like endorphins, which help you feel better about yourself. If you haven’t done a lot of exercise before, it might be a good idea to start doing something small a couple of times each week, such as a 15-minute walk or two or three laps in a pool. Visiting your doctor for a regular check up can be a way to make sure there you don’t have any physical health problems.
Avoid drugs and alcohol. Try not to use alcohol or other drugs (including lots of caffeine or other energy-boosting drinks) in the hopes of feeling better. The feeling is usually temporary and the side effects often make you feel worse.

arghhhhh...stressnyaaaaa...apsal tah sejak akhir2x ni asyik stress jeee....bila meluahkan orang ckp memalukan diri sendiri la...bodo la...aib la...pastu kene marah..lagi la stressss..

Rasa terterkan betul laaa...keje penattt je memanjang...pastu asyik kene marahhh jeeeeee... nak berhenti tak boleh...nnti sape nk tanggung??? 
Harap suami??? hurmm...baik keje je la...

ingtkan dah kawen masalah boleh settle sbb ade teman hidup..rupanya lagi worst..

lagi tertekan..lagi depreessss

harap lepas bersalin nnti tak meroyan laaaaaaa...kalau meroyan masuk hospital je laaaa sbb otak dah tak center dah...


sabo je laaaa...

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