Monday, May 21, 2012

Purple Silver Wedding design for Atiqah...

salam all...
How are you??
yess...i'm rarely updates my blog now
coz there are many things to do
such as loitering around..

just kidding..

hurm..ok..straight to the point
my dear friend during my asasian time while i'm studying at UiTM, Shah Alam

Bulan 12 nanti..hehehe

don't ask me when is my turn..
coz it's a very hard question to answer..duhh..hahaha

this is my concept for Atiqah's wedding
if it is not suitable for your wedding, I'm sorry, tiqah...
coz this is just my opinion ok..

this what i found when i'm google about purple silver wedding.....  

the scenary quite nice
quite nice,rite?? =)
ok..this is my opinion...
that's a lots of thing..just look at it and decide
whether it's suitable or not for your wedding regarding your bajet too ok, tiqah...
first of all...

 1) The pelamin (the simple one utk tangkap2x gambar coz tiqah tak nak ade pelamin):

                                         1) sweet and nice..

         2) yup, it's blue..but imagine the flower on the curtain is purple and the curtain is 
                  silver yang nk dekat2x putih and the flower yang byk biru tu digantikan dgn 
               kaler purple...nice..sorry, can't find any of this thing in purple..hehe

3) okay, juz imagine the white curtain is silver yang nk dekat putih and the red                 
             curtain is purple..nice...

 2) The baju pengantin:
                                         1) Purple wedding couple..

                                          2)The purplish bride

                                                  3) look at the purple one ok..

  4) juz imagine this baju pengantin is purple ok...the design is so opinion is the mutiara, the veil, kaler silver yang nak dekat2x putih tu and the whole baju kaler purple..nice rite?? juz imagine it.. hehehe...sorry not found any of this in this colour theme...huhu....

   3) The shoes:


  4) The Wedding cake cake:



5) Invitation card:


  6) The ring:

  7) the flowers and hantaran:



and last but not least....
Senarai semak perkahwinan's done here...
that's all
if it's not suitable, it's ok..
just a bunch of opnion...

ok..good luck and all the best for your wedding

have a nice and cheerful life




AA said...

thank akma..cntik2

~~faizatul akma~~ said...

u r welkam tiqah..hehehe..glad u like it..=)